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The members of our Medical Advisory Board are renowned experts in diabetes medicine from leading academic and medical institutions
around the USA. Our Board provides scientific direction and expertise to the development of all Diabetes Doctor™ formulations.

Dr. Daniel Nadeau

Endocrinologist - CA

Dr. Nadeau has engaged in extensive research for diabetes and obesity medications. He has worked for Abbott International where he designed nutritional formulas and performed international clinical trials in nutrition.

Dr. Nitesh Kuhadiya

Endocrinologist - NV

Endocrinology Program Director at Renown Health. He has received honorable awards from Endocrine Society & American Diabetes Association for his groundbreaking research in patients with diabetes.

Dr. David Sutton

Endocrinologist - FL

Past Division Chief of Endocrinology for both St. Vincent’s Medical Center and Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida from 2008-present.

Dr. Jodi Strong

Diabetologist - WI

Nationally recognized expert and speaker for several diabetes pharmaceutical  companies and American Diabetes Association. Her research has been published in Diabetes Spectrum and The Journal of Family Practice.

Diabetes Doctor Supplements have been 3rd party tested & proven to contain the dietary ingredients and the amount per serving listed in the Supplement Facts panel. Our products were also tested for specific harmful contaminants including Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Industrial Contaminants, and Known Adulterants.