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Men’s Romance Booster
Men’s Romance Booster
Men’s Romance Booster
Men’s Romance Booster

Men’s Romance Booster

Clinically Proven Ingredients

  • Enhanced circulation
  • Libido Booster
  • Improves sexual drive
  • Promotes healthy T levels
  • Healthy Blood Sugar Support
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How does Diabetes affect Sexual Health?

What if I don’t have diabetes?

How Does It Work?

Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels

Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone can cause lack of sex drive and exacerbate ED.

Improved intercourse satisfaction

Improved intercourse satisfaction

Improved Orgasm Function

Naturally dilates blood vessels

Naturally dilates blood vessels

- Enhance circulation, - Promote erection, - Boost sensitivity

Enhanced libido

Enhanced libido

Increased sexual arousal & drive

Additional Blood Sugar Support & Vascular Health

Additional Blood Sugar Support & Vascular Health

Diabetic-friendly with added blood sugar & blood vessel benefits

Compared To Prescription Medications

Natural Ingrediants

Natural Ingrediants



Easy to take once daily dosing

Easy to take once daily dosing

“I wanted more people to be able to try a natural option risk-free, so it is important to me to offer our customers a money-back guarantee. We know nothing works for everyone, not even medications… but this has worked for THOUSANDS of customers! If you have committed to trying a natural option, we have made the best one.”

- Dr. Stephanie Redmond

100% Natural Herbal Ingredients

843mg Tribulus Terrestris (TT) Extract (80% Saponins)

Clinical research shows that taking a TT extract (35-45% saponins) at doses of 500 mg three times daily (equal to our dosing with 80% saponins) for 3 months improves sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, and orgasmic function when compared with placebo. (study 1, study 2). It has also been shown to promote healthy testosterone levels (study) and blood sugar levels (study).

600mg Fenugreek Extract (50% Saponins) 

Clinical research shows that taking a fenugreek seed extract at doses of 600 mg daily for 12 weeks increases sexual arousal and drive by 15% over placebo. Morning erection and sexual frequency also improved by 2 to 3-fold. (study 1, study 2)

300 mg Long Jack Root Extract (i.e. Eurycoma longifolia) 

Clinical research suggests Eurycoma longifolia extract 300 mg daily for 12 weeks improves sexual desire and quality of life men (study).

100 mg Panax Ginseng (80% Ginsenosides) 

Studies have shown that taking Panax ginseng orally improves sexual function in men with ED. Ginsenosides increase nitric oxide synthesis and play an important role as antioxidants. Nitric oxide (NO) plays an important role in penile erection by relaxing smooth muscle cells. 

(study 1, study 2, study 3)


Meet Our Medical Advisory Board

Our Board of nationally renowned experts in diabetes medicine provide scientific direction and expertise for Diabetes Doctor Supplement formulations.

Dr. Daniel Nadeau

Endocrinologist - CA

Dr. Nitesh Kuhadiya

Endocrinologist - NV

Dr. David Sutton

Endocrinologist - FL

Dr. Jodi Strong

Diabetologist - WI

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it only help if I have diabetes? 

No! The ingredients work in multiple ways to help with sexual function, libido, and enhance erections. However, the ingredients are diabetic-friendly and have an added boost of blood sugar benefits.  

Do I need a prescription? 

No, this is a non-prescription dietary supplement with 100% natural herbal ingredients.

How do I take it? 

This supplement is designed to be taken every day, not just on days or times of expected intercourse. Clinical studies demonstrate sexual benefits of these ingredients over 12 weeks of use for maximum results…although you may notice benefits after just one dose!

The recommended dose is 3 capsules as one dose once daily – with or without food. It does not have to be taken immediately before intercourse, but can be taken at anytime of day. Consistency is the most important.

Can I take this with other Diabetes Doctor™ Products?

Yes, the products were designed to be taken together.

Can I take this with my medications?

All medication questions must be directed toward your doctor. This is a natural dietary supplement and not a prescription medication. Please do not change any medicines without first getting approval from your doctor.

Do doctors endorse this product?

Absolutely! We have endorsements from top rated endocrinologists, pharmacists, and diabetes educators – including the former president of the American Diabetes Association Minnesota Chapter. This formulated has been reviewed and endorsed by our Medical Advisory Board.

Are there side effects?

This a supplement made from all-natural ingredients and there are no listed side effects in the research studies referenced.

About Dr. Redmond

Learn more about the Founder & Formulator

Nationally recognized diabetes expert, Dr. Stephanie Redmond, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM spent her career as a pharmacist clinician and certified diabetes educator helping patients prevent, manage, and reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally she holds the following titles:

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