24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support Goods Diabetes Doctor
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support Goods Diabetes Doctor
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support Goods Diabetes Doctor
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support
24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support

24 Hour Blood Sugar Daily Support

626 reviews
Supports Healthy:
  • Blood Sugars & A1C
  • Natural Insulin Function
  • Eye, Liver, & Kidney Health
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Join over 100,000 customers!


-Jean Verified Buyer

This product works for me. I have been on it for a year now and my blood sugar fluctuates in between 118 and 136 having come all the way from four hundreds. Moreover, I have dropped my weight by 18 lbs. This testimony is intended to help those of you who are struggling with diabetes not knowing what to take. Try this, you will not be disappointed. 

-Susan Verified Buyer

This stuff is a life saver!! My A1C went from high 13’s down to 6.7 in 3 months when taking this with my normal medicines for diabetes! I tell everyone I know who struggles with blood sugar! I use the Blood Sugar 24hr support! 

-Kevin Verified Buyer

I love these product. Combined with better lifestyle choices my meds have been slashed. My A1C is under complete control. Sometime in the next six months to a year I expect to be off the meds completely. No doubt in my mind that these products contributed to me losing 60lbs and getting my weight under control.

-Allan Verified Buyer

Here are the two products that I've been using for a little more than a year and the results have been enormous as my A1C is lower than it has been for 8 years prior (by almost 3 whole points).

-Clara Verified Buyer

I have been taking Diabetes Doctor Blood Sugar 24 hour for several months. My doctor approved it, and my A1C has come down considerably. My last one was 7.0 down from almost 9.

-Judith Verified Buyer

I use Carb & Sugar Blocker and Blood Sugar 24hrs. I'm doing very well, I have my sugar always controlled, it is an excellent product and I recommend it, I have been using these wonderful products for almost a year, thank you.
- Jerrilyn

- Jerrilyn Verified Buyer

I use Carb & Sugar Blocker and Blood Sugar 24hrs. I'm doing very well, I have my sugar always controlled, it is an excellent product and I recommend it, I have been using these wonderful products for almost a year, thank you.

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Reported Lower Blood Sugars
Reported Lower Blood Sugars
Able to Reduce Medications

Formulated By Top Experts


Cassia Cinnamon

Cassia Cinnamon

Naturally sensitizes insulin the pancreas makes to support healthy fasting blood sugars and glucose metabolism.

Studies have shown cassia cinnamon at high doses can reduce fasting blood sugars by 25 mg/dL. 

Study 1

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

This powerful antioxidant has been clinically proven to fight insulin resistance for significant benefits on blood sugar health.

Studies show milk thistle can: 

↓ Fasting blood sugars by 11%

↓ Insulin needs by 14%

↓ HbA1C by 1.5%

↓ Abnormal liver enzymes in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

↓ Protein in the urine (marker of kidney damage) in patients with diabetic kidney disease

Benefits have been seen when taken alone or in combination with prescription medications.

Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Study 4, Study 5



Studies have shown improved retinal (eye) circulatory health in adults with diabetic retinopathy after 6 months.

Study 1



Acts as a natural insulin sensitizer to support healthy blood sugars and A1C.

Studies have shown banaba can reduce blood sugars by 30%, and A1C by 0.65%. 

Study1, Study2



Higher magnesium intake is associated with lower fasting insulin concentrations - which implies better insulin function.

Naturally improving insulin function can help support healthy blood sugars, heart function, and weight loss. 

Study 1, Study 2

Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

An essential nutrient for nerve health and maintaining the strength of the protective covering (myelin sheath) that surrounds nerve cells. 

Combats Vitamin B12 deficiency from Metformin, to maintain healthy nerves and energy levels.

Provides a natural, stimulant-free, energy boost!

study 1, study 2study 3, study 4

Chromium Picoliniate

Chromium Picoliniate

An essential mineral for glucose metabolism and insulin function. Clinical studies have shown chromium can lower fasting and after-meal blood sugars by over 30 mg/dL and reduce A1C by up to 0.9%.

It works by reducing insulin resistance and helping the body naturally regulate blood sugars. Studies also show it can fight weight gain from common diabetes medications (Glipizide). Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

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Teresa F.
United States United States
Satisfied so far

Havent had any labs done since starting the supplement, but I feel better overall and have even lost a little weight.

George K.
United States United States

Thay seem to help stablize my bsugar level.

richard v.
United States United States
Blood Sugar Daily Support!

really haven't seen any improvement with my daily blood sugar numbers

Tibor N.
Canada Canada

Better! I need more time on them to curb my diet + curb my wine alcohol intake because of anxiety

Mike L.
United States United States
Numbers down

My numbers have gone from 113 to 100 in a year. It is working!

Jean R.
United States United States
Do not care for pests, but the product works

I am pleased with the product, it actually works. I'm not pleased that they kept popping messages in my email asking for a review. So ... you can buy this, and be happy with it ... but you'll be stuck with their pesky emails.

A Diabetes Doctor Customer
Beverly Z.
United States United States
Finally a product that truly works

I'm a Type 2 diabetic. I saw the online ads for the diabetic doctor & while I was intrigued I also have purchased more than my share of promises that do nothing more than lower my pocketbook contents & not my glucose levels. I decided to purchase both the red label & blue label Diabetes Doctor products at my local CVS. I can say, without question, that the blue label (daily dose of 2) has made a very big difference in my daily glucose levels! I'm lucky enough to have a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) that allows me to see & monitor, almost immediately, any changes. Up until now I have never experienced a "low" alarm from my cgm. However I've had 2 since I've started taking the blue label capsules daily. I haven't had to drastically change my eating habits & do continue to eat some sweets. I'm getting better at limiting sugar & learning what really does change my levels with the CGM. But I'm also able to sneak in a few naughty, sweet pleasures because of the Diabetes Doctor! As for the red label (take before eating an item that has more sugar than you probably should be eating) to block the sugars; I'm not sold on whether it truly works for me. I haven't seen any differences when taking the red label capsules before eating something high carb. However, every body is different & it may work for some. Using the ability to see fairly accurate & immediate changes with my CGM, I know that the blue label, daily dose of Diabetes Doctor has worked in helping me maintain an even glucose level. It has also reduced my A1C, after about 2 months of use & standard blood test through labs. I've gone from a starting A1C of 11.2 or higher to 7.3! I know for a fact that this was because of the Diabetes Doctor along with some minimal diet changes. So this product has allowed me to continue to enjoy some foods that may have otherwise had to of been completely removed from my diet! There is no miracle out there to end Diabetes. However, using the blue label daily dose of Diabetes Doctor has not only made physical changes in my glucose levels & testing but has allowed me to still enjoy some higher carb items within reason & not pay the high price of drastically higher glucose levels. I couldn't be happier with this product & will continue to use it daily! I'm a very happy customer!

George A.
Canada Canada
GOD BLESS Diabetes Doctor

The money I saved, the happiness that came back to you me. I live in Canada and I ordered and ordered, and the results were outstanding. 5.6 A1C I owe you my life

Carlos V.
United States United States
Mr V

Very good product, 100% recommended

United States United States
It Works!!

Been using now for a couple months A1C under 7.0 finally off the expensive Victoza. Thanks 5 Stars!-Paul S.

United States United States

I been on it almost 2 weeks, and still haven't seen any results. I'm discouraged, I was hoping to get off of expensive medication, that I cannot afford anymore.

Kristin T.
United States United States
Blood Sugar 24 hour support

I have been taking this product for quite a while now. I absolutely love it. I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in Dec 2018, with a fasting blood sugar of 289 and A1C of 10.9, and weighed almost 200 pounds at 5'1". By March 2019, I had it lowered to 122 and 7.1 combined with a total diet change and exercise. After continuing this product and my diet and exercise, more than 2 years later I have a fasting blood sugar of 98, A1C of 5.7, and weigh 112-114 pounds. I will stay on this product to help manage my blood sugar. So glad I found this!

John G.
United States United States

Very good but I need 2 more bottles

Jerry S.
United States United States
24 hr seams tone helping but also on a ****** drug jardiance sitting at 6.2 a1c would love to be 5.8

Satisfied so far need toget to5.8a1c

James T.
United States United States
Amazing Supplement.

I been using D.D. for almost a year now, it’s been working for me I highly recommend this supplement, I’m gonna try the Extra Streath, Thank you for helping us with this chronic Disease...

Vinny R.
United States United States
This product is very good!!!!

My A1C was 7.9 down to 5.9! I’m very satisfied!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of day should I take it?

Anytime of day is fine (it is 2 capsules once daily OR 1 capsule twice daily). Most people choose to take it first thing in the morning since its easiest to remember. However, some people prefer to take it at bedtime to help stabilize overnight blood sugar levels. The most important part is being consistent and take it every day to allow the nutrient levels to build up over a few weeks so they can do their job.

Can I take this with other Diabetes Doctor™ Products?

Yes, the products were designed to be taken together.

Can I take this with my medications?

All medication questions must be directed toward your doctor. This is a natural dietary supplement and not a prescription medication. Please do not decrease or stop your medicines without first getting approval from your doctor. Some diabetes medications are used for reasons other than blood sugar lowering. Since everyone responds differently, the best thing to do is to monitor blood sugars before and after starting this supplement so that your doctor can determine the best way to decrease your medication doses if necessary. 

Do doctors endorse this product?

Absolutely! We have endorsements from top rated endocrinologists, pharmacists, and diabetes educators – including the former president of the American Diabetes Association Minnesota Chapter.

Are there side effects?

This a supplement made from all-natural ingredients and there are no listed side effects.


We know nothing works for EVERYONE (not even prescription medications!) We are so confident that you will love our product that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Even if you think it “isn’t working”, remember that these ingredients still have benefits on long-term pancreas health, insulin production, eye and other organ health.

Meet the Founder

As seen on

Top Endocrinologist Endorsements

The members of our Medical Advisory Board are renowned experts in diabetes medicine from leading academic and medical institutions
round the USA, Our Board provides scientific direction and expertise to the development of all Diabetes Doctor™ formulations.

Dr. Daniel Nadeau

Endocrinologist - CA

Dr. Nadeau has engaged in extensive research for diabetes and obesity medications. He has worked for Abbott International where he designed nutritional formulas and performed international clinical trials in nutrition.

Dr. Nitesh Kuhadiya

Endocrinologist - NV

Endocrinology Program Director at Renown Health. He has received honourable awards from Endocrine Society & American Diabetes Association for his ground-breaking research in patients with diabetes.

Dr. David Sutton

Endocrinologist - FL

Past Division Chief of Endocrinology for both St. Vincent’s Medical Centre and Baptist Medical Centre in Jacksonville, Florida from 2008-present.

Dr. Jodi Strong

Diabetologist - WI

Nationally recognized expert and speaker for several diabetes pharmaceutical  companies and American Diabetes Association. Her research has been published in Diabetes Spectrum and The Journal of Family Practice.

Diabetes Doctor Supplements have been 3rd party tested & proven to contain the dietary ingredients and the amount per serving listed in the Supplement Facts panel. Our products were also tested for specific harmful contaminants including Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Industrial Contaminants, and Known Adulterants.