Carb & Sugar Blocker - 90 Capsule Count – Diabetes Doctor

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Carb & Sugar Blocker - 90 Capsule Count

Carb & Sugar Blocker - 90 Capsule Count

Carb & Sugar Blocker - 90 Capsule Count

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Meet Our Medical Advisory Board

Our Board of nationally renowned experts in diabetes medicine provide scientific direction and expertise for Diabetes Doctor Supplement formulations.

Dr. Daniel Nadeau

Endocrinologist - CA

Dr. Nitesh Kuhadiya

Endocrinologist - NV

Dr. David Sutton

Endocrinologist - FL

Dr. Jodi Strong

Diabetologist - WI

**Clinical studies referenced are not on Diabetes Doctor™ products. These are outside clinical studies published through the National Institute of Health. Our formulas follow the exact ingredients and doses used in the studies linked.


“I wanted more people to be able to try a natural option risk-free, so it is important to me to offer our customers a money-back guarantee. We know nothing works for everyone, not even medications… but this has worked for THOUSANDS of customers! If you have committed to trying a natural option, we have made the best one.”

- Dr. Stephanie Redmond

Hear from Pharmacist Founder & Formulator - Dr. Stephanie Redmond

“I am constantly asked … Are there natural therapies that actually work? The short answer is… YES!”

TRIPLE PACK – Customer Testimonial

Hear how using all three products together has helped Sandy from Montana.

Blood Sugar 24 Hour Support – Customer Testimonial

“I didn’t think it was working until I stopped taking it…”

About Dr. Redmond

Learn more about the Founder & Formulator

Nationally recognized diabetes expert, Dr. Stephanie Redmond, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM spent her career as a pharmacist clinician and certified diabetes educator helping patients prevent, manage, and reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally she holds the following titles: