A Word from Dr. Redmond I’m Dr. Stephanie Redmond. I see patients in the Endocrinology field as a pharmacist clinician and serve as an expert in type 2 diabetes management and reversal. My specialty is to help people with diabetes decide if their medications and supplements are being used at the right doses and are safe without interactions or side effects. My patients are sick of taking so many prescription drugs, experiencing side effects and weight gain, and paying high prices. A recurring question I get is… “Are there natural supplements that actually work?”

The short answer is… YES! Research studies have shown that specific combinations of herbs, vitamins, and minerals can be very beneficial… however, most combination products are deceptive or ineffective.

Here’s why….

1) Too many ingredients; Companies often take short cuts and include several cheap vitamins that have no benefit for diabetes (what I call “vitamin fillers”) –the stuff you see in just about every generic multivitamin.

2) Doses too low to work; As an example, supplements may contain alpha lipoic acid – which can be beneficial for blood sugar and nerve health. Many clinical studies show 600 mg is the dose needed for meaningful effects, yet a majority of products I see only contain a fraction of that! Look for yourself.

3) Not backed by research; Most companies formulate products using a marketing perspective instead of clinical studies.

4) Quality/Safety; Are you sure a company that’s willing to mislead you with their benefits and dosing is going out of their way to source the highest-quality ingredients available? Is their intention to provide the best patient care or the highest profit? Since I had never found a product that met my criteria to recommend, I would make a list of individual natural ingredients for patients to purchase – meaning many pills, and a considerable expense … which is what led me here today! “The Diabetes Doctor” line is specially formulated to address all these clinical concerns.

Unlike other supplement brands who claim to have a remedy for everything, I have spent my entire career specializing in one thing…. DIABETES! After analyzing hundreds of clinical research studies, I have identified the most beneficial blend of ingredients that uniquely focus on pre-diabetes and diabetes health. These blends are now packaged as a non-prescription option with guaranteed highest quality, and no useless ingredients. My supplements are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations - enforced by the FDA to ensure proper control of manufacturing processes so that I know that what my patients are taking is superior quality. As always, I encourage you to discuss the supplements you are taking with your healthcare provider. Some people may find that using these supplements, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, could lead to reduced or complete elimination of prescription medications.