What Causes Diabetes and Why Does this Make Weight Loss So Difficult?

What Causes Diabetes and Why Does this Make Weight Loss So Difficult?


Watch Dr. Redmond discuss insulin resistance - the culprit behind high blood sugars and weight gain in type 2 diabetes. 



What Causes Type 2 Diabetes? 

In theory, anyone could get Type 2 diabetes if they eat enough sugar.  But we also know that people are born with a genetic predisposition to be resistant to insulin.

This is ultimately why you can see two people living the same lifestyle and only one might develop type 2 diabetes. It’s the combination of too much sugar or carbs, lack of exercise to burn off that sugar, and genetics that make up diabetes.

With type 2 diabetes, the pancreas still makes insulin – not like type 1 diabetes in which the pancreas is unable to make ANY insulin.  In fact, early on in the disease the pancreas makes MORE insulin than normal.  And this is because the insulin is “resistant”.  It is not working as well to keep up with the sugar coming in – so the pancreas compensates by making more and more insulin …until it eventually can’t keep up.



Insulin is the hormone that takes sugar out of the blood and puts it into the cells for energy, any extra sugar that you consume, then, gets stored as fat …. by the insulin!   In the stages of pre-diabetes and even for awhile after initial diagnosis of diabetes – you have higher than normal circulating levels of insulin, which can make weight loss much more difficult than for someone without insulin resistance.  Therefore, a key variable in helping with weight loss is lowering insulin levels - which can be accomplished through minimizing sugars and carbs as much as possible and through using certain natural therapies.  It is important to know, some prescription medications can help lower insulin levels versus increase insulin.



If the insulin isn’t working OR there is not enough insulin around, the sugar gets stuck in the blood and can be measured on a finger poke test or lab HbA1c test, bringing about the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. 



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